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Personally, I have a tendancy to get bored with my desktop, so I make wallpapers. I offer them to share, because I know some of you out there are like me.

All of these are for a 600 by 800 resolution. You can use any regardless, just center it. All you have to do to put it on your desktop is click on the thumbnail, then when the big picture appears, right-click it with your mouse and select "Set as Desktop Item" or "Set As Wallpaper".

001.jpg  002.jpg  003.jpg  004.jpg 
005.jpg  006.jpg  007.jpg  008.jpg 
009.jpg  010.jpg  011.jpg 

If you have a request for a desktop, I could make it for you and put it up here, as long as I don't find 20,000 in my inbox. Just email me. As I get bored, more of these are on the way.