A layout created for CSS Zen Garden using their own unmodified HTML file.

What is CSS you ask? And HTML? Typically a website is built "physically" - you'll go into each page, draw a table, place photos and text in, and this is what holds your layout together. That's HTML. With CSS, it's more of a behind the scenes approach. You'll write up instructions in the form of code, which will dictate all the formatting and positioning of your elements. Both methods are equally effective aesthetically. The difference is that CSS can be linked to multiple files.

Creating a website entirely in CSS is quite a challenge because you go back and forth a lot. You can't just drag a photo a little to the left until it looks good. You need to change to code to position it 50 pixels more to the left, refresh the page and see if it's works. If it doesn't, you go back to the code again.

CSS Zen Garden aims to inspire and challenge graphic artists to break out of their HTML comfort zone and send in CSS-based designs to be featured on their site. I intend to submit this layout just as soon as I fix some alignment issues in Internet Explorer.