While studying web design, I explored styles and methods that were outside of my comfort zone. One thing that helped me greatly is Curt Cloninger's Fresh Styles for Web Designers. It looked at sites that were doing things that were really out there and categorized them.

The above are a few sites inspired by one of the stranger styles - Pixelated Punk Rock. As shown in the book, it isn't in any way an attractive way of designing. However, I liked the idea behind it: everything being about the user experience.

I first did a Remy Zero-themed micro site. The whole story behind the band has an aura of mystery to it that just lends itself well to the style. I later fine-tuned the concept and layout and turned it into a fanlisting for their song, Twister. After that, I also used the broken image concept for a small production company's site.

Although this is the style from the book I've played around with the most, I also gave Gothic Organic, Grid Based Icon, Paper Bag and Lo-Fi Grunge a try.