This website's content was primarily pulled from a cached version of The Luscious Jackson Source in the early 2000s. The site had been a great resource for fans, and it had just gone offline. Having recently discovered the band myself at the time, I felt it was a shame to let all this info be forgotten. So, with the help of, I pulled what I could into a site of my own. Years later, the original owner of The Source, Sara Schneider, rebuilt her site without having to start from scratch.

This site has grown a lot since its original inception from archived content and owes a lot of thanks to fans who have shared with the community. As I have been running this website for many years and have changed email account during this time, I am no longer in touch with many of the people who shared content for the site. If there is something here that you have contributed and you are not credited, I sincerely apologise. Please and I'll rectify it immediately.

A huge thank you to John F., without which the press and wallpaper sections would not exist. Many of his scans also went into the picture gallery. John shared many songs and videos with me as well, and although I do not post them all here, I pass them on to fans when they ask.

Peter Mays scanned an autographed photo, which was used in the gallery and as a wallpaper.

Kate Spindlow contributed information on singles for the Luscious Jackson discography.

Most importantly, thank you Luscious Jackson. Without you my music repertoire would be missing a lot and I would never have been in touch with some of the really cool people that are your fans. A few images here were also taken from the official site or Facebook page.