Luscious Jackson MP3s, videos and wallpaper. Please right-click to save files.

Due to bandwidth constraints, what you see here is barely a fraction of the rarities I have available.  I've included a list of songs and videos I'd be happy to share via email or IM - you just need to .

Please note that I do not share songs that are available on Luscious Jackson's main albums, as these are still available for purchase. Show your support for the band by buying their music. I share b-sides, live versions and other rarities as they are out of print or just generally hard to come by.


You'll need a program like iTunes or Windows Media Player to listen to these.

Girlscout 4.1 MB
Ladyfingers (acoustic) 3.2 MB
Let It Snow (both the short Gap version and full song are included) 1.9 MB
Naked Eye (acoustic) 2.7 MB
Under Your Skin (acoustic) 3.4 MB

These songs are also available upon request. You should also check out Luscious Jackson's SoundCloud.


You'll need a program like VLC to watch most of these.

Let It Snow 3.8 MB
Naked Eye 8.6 MB
Show Us What You Got YouTube
Stone Fox 1.6 MB
#1 Bum YouTube

These videos are also available upon request.


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