Portfolio of Sarah Jade Aubé

Choose Your Own Adventure

The constellation Scorpius The constellation of Scorpius is closely connected to the myth of the great hunter Orion. While pursuing prey with the goddess Artemis, he bragged about how he planned to kill every animal on earth. In response to the threat, she sent a scorpion to attack and slay him. After this great battle, Zeus raised Orion and the scorpion up to the sky as a reminder to mortals not to let their pride be their downfall.

Taking a lesson from this story, I believe it would be unwise for me to expect you to look at and read about every single one of my projects – although I’d love it if you did! I’ve therefore gathered a few things from various mediums and grouped them thematically so that you can choose your own adventure as you discover a small selection of my work.

Pick the desired prize for your quest below and have fun on the journey!

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