Cheese and Potato Perogi Filling

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Cheese and potato filling is what’s in the traditional Polish dumplings, perogi (aka pierogi ruskie), and it’s what’s most common in typical grocery shops. I like it a lot because it complements the flavor of the dough very well and is quite easy to make.

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If you’ve never tried this Polish dish, you really should, it’s delicious. Also known as pierogi, pierogy, perogy, pyrogie, or pyrogy, these are little dough dumplings typically filled with potato and cheese (filling recipe here). They’re then fried up in a pan with butter and onion. You can fill the dough with whatever you like though, lots of people even make dessert perogi – although you should probably skip the onion if you’re going that route. 😉

These a very easy to make, but take a bit of time to pepare since you need to shape them, fill them and then close them up. In my experience you can find these frozen at most grocery stores in Montreal at under $5 a bag, so if you can get your hands on these, the small improvement in flavor is not really worth the time of making these from scratch. But if you’re like me and live in a place where no one’s even heard of perogi, it’s absolutely worth every second of work.

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