Yogurt Muffins

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Ever have more yogurt than you actually want to eat before it expires? This recipe comes to your rescue!

It also happens to be really quick to make and tasty. You can mix flavours too if you have a bunch of single-serving cups on hand. Most will work pretty well together.

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Watermelon Muffins

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If you’re anything like me you’ve probably been tempted for the better part of the summer every time you walk into a grocery store and see watermelons on sale. I was wondering if watermelon would lend itself well to baking, and after a bit of googling I found out that it does. The common consensus is that watermelon has a pretty weak flavour, so unfortunately you can’t get actual watermelon-flavoured muffins using natural ingredients.

While these muffins indeed don’t taste that much like watermelon, I think they have a really funky and different flavour that makes them one of my new favourite recipes.

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