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You've made it to the media section where you'll find rare demos and videos. To play any of the following media, all you need is the free Windows Media Player. Also, to prevent these files from taking forever to download, I compressed them and you need to "unzip" them. You can download the proper software here, it's free too.
Tu es arrivé à la section de média où tu trouveras des démos rares et des vidéos. Pour jouer n'importe quel de ces médias, tu as seulement besoin du Windows Media Player gratuit. Aussi, pour que le téléchargement de ces fichiers ne prenne pas une éternité, je les ai compressé, alors tu dois les "dé-zipper". Tu peux télécharger le bon logiciel ici, c'est gratuit aussi.

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Demos, live tracks and other random things.
Des démos, chansons en direct et autres.

The following are all pre-production demos (full songs).
Ceux qui suivent sont des démos de pré-production (chansons complètes).

I'm still looking for No Woman No Cry, Come Together, Happy, Test Of Time, Come Deceiving, Delta 9, Destinate and Why Crazy in demos if they exist. If you have them, please get in touch with me, you'll get credit and it'll be greatly appreciated! And if you have live tunes you'd like to submit too!
Je cherche toujours No Woman No Cry, Come Together, Happy, Test Of Time, Come Deceiving, Delta 9, Destinate et Why Crazy en démos s'ils existent. Si tu les as, laisse-moi le savoir, tu auras le crédit et ça sera grandement apprécié! Si tu as des tounes live que tu voudrais soumettre aussi!

| videos | vidéos |

Video clips, live footage and home videos the guys made.
Des vidéoclips, des prestations et des vidéos maison faits par les gars.

| disclaimer |

Please note that I have Rubberman's permission to put the songs that are here... well, here. Proof:

[Posted by lucky on 19-Feb-01 @ 07:54 PM]
[...] speaking of older mp3s Chris, I'm starting a rubbersite of my own and I wanted to know if it was ok with you guys that I put some of those up. is it chill?

[Posted by Keif on 20-Feb-01 @ 02:28 AM]
Whatever you wanna do, do. Old tunes, new tunes. We don't care. We just love the fact that you'd take the time to even do such a thing. All we ask is if you use something that's live, to mark it as such. Anything that is demo, mark it as demo. That's all. Beyond that, the sk's the limit. Cheers. Keep us posted on your progress.

The previous quote was taken from Rubberman's now-defunct message board.

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