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Page layout and site graphics were done by Lucky Spencer. Contents compiled and created by Brittany Johnson. Most pictures were collected from around the web, no harm intended. If something is yours and you want it down or credit posted, please contact Lucky. To submit anything, comment or wahtever other concers may arise, please

The site was originally created by Brittany. When she lost all the files on her computer, she gave up on it and left a note in despair in her guestbook, hoping perhaps someone would read it.

After a strange urge to look up SM stuff on the web after not doing so for years, Lucky stumbled upon Brittany's site and found it to be the most useful of practically all the ones listed on Yahoo. Having a habbit of communicating a lot with webmasters and letting them know they're doing a good job, she signed the guestbook.

Being surrounded by good old memories of the manga and anime show, she wanted to make a website about it. Play with the pictures and make it look real nice. Being a student in webdesign, this happens every now and then. But having not payed attention to SM in so long made her knowledge of it quite poor and therefor, any website she would create would be really crappy.

Just when she was about to give up, she re-reads her entry to the guestbook and sees Brit's cry for help right underneath. Everything happens for a reason, I always say.

Ever since then Brittany and Lucky have been working together trying to make this the best SM site out there. Brittany sends out new ideas and info and Lucky takes care of making it all easy to get too and good to look at. Brit is the brains and Lucky is just there to help.

Please note, we do not own Sailor Moon or other related things. We are not Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, DIC or whoever else. We're simply fans who have fun making this website and sharing information with others. We mean no wrong, so don't sue us. Why? Well, because we don't have any money to give you!

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