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Here's the stuff created by fans like you. If you'd like to see something you made on this page, just send it to us. Mouse-over for a brief description and click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the picture. Press your browser's back button to come back to the previews.

The following are by Brittany Johnson

a picture of me, Sailor Brittany  Amy one  Amy two  a Sailor V doll  a picture of Mina with a slightly oversized head  a transformed Mina 

a cute pic of Rei  a pic that looks like Rini in a time warp  repeating question for Serena  a Sailor Pluto ready to give guidance  a curious looking Bunny  Serena Sailor 

spaced out Black Lady  my imagination of Rini when she first met Luna-P  Amy and Mina talking  Amy in the tub reading 

Mina looking very happy  Artemis  all the scouts in bunny outfits  a shocked Chibi Moon  a happy rini prepared for school  a crestfallen Serena 

one of the by far best pictures I ever drew  a really nice picture I did of Serena on the computer  a hot Sailor Jupiter  a really good Picture of Mina and maybe my best ever  Jupiter Knight  morning hair 

Lita in a wedding dress  Lita fastening her seatbelt  a wierd but good Lita  a cool Lita in a camo bathing suit  a quick sketch of Lita I did when my computer was booting up  a really awsome pic of Sailor Mooon sitting on a crescent moon 

a picture I drew of my friend, all I changed was the outfit but as the artist I can do that =)  Rei with big lips  Mako with big lips  Minako with big lips  Ami with big lips 

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