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Oh my gosh, an update! It's a crazy chicken world... And on that fun note, happy 2004 everyone! Today I added some YKYWTMSMWs and a fanfiction by SMDawn. Party on doods!
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Brit Brit & Lucky

What's new today other than the fact that we've moved again? Well, I added some YKYWTMSMW from SMDawn and also some new fanfiction by Reeny. Enjoy. And for those silly people who know Brittany in the flesh and don't believe she created and helps run this website, please see the "about" section.
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Brit Brit & Lucky

It's been awhile and there isn't much new. But summer is here, so better things are under way! This time around, added an adoption and updated Sailor Chibi Moon's info. Also, you may have noticed the hideous sponsor frame to your right. Please bear with it temporarily. Multimania has become quite a dissapointment lately, therefor this site shall soon be hosted by a domain. Before the end of the summer is my goal. Thank you for your patience! Oh, I almost forgot! Would you like to test your Sailor Moon knowledge? Take Brit's quiz to see if you measure up! Click here to get started!
Brit Brit & Lucky

A few small updates for today. We took down the chatroom due to the discovery it wasn't working... We have a recipient of an award! Moonlit Dreams has won the Beauty Award, congrats! I also put in two new wallpapers because I felt that I had to a a little something more. One manga human Luna and one anime Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask. Enjoy!
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Brit Brit & Lucky

Hey party people! A few updates for you. First off, a new anime wallpaper of Princess Fireball and Chibi Chibi was added, along with some more manga pics in the gallery. The Neptune/Uranus poll was fixed, so you can now go vote in it. On top of that, we've added some info for Sailor Cosmos, Galaxia, Kakyu, Chibi Chibi and Tuxedo Mask. We're also planning on adding some stuff on the Asteroids and villians eventually. Please be patient, we're busy people and time doesn't come in a bottle yet (I only wish!). By the way, we'd like to thank all the kind words that have been said in the guestbook lately, they really mean a lot! Haven't signed it yet? Wait are you waiting for?! Just scroll down this very page to get to the link, it'll only take you a sec!
Party on Sailor doods and doodettes!
Brit Brit & Lucky

this site before the transformation01/04/03
Aren't you just going "ooh"? This site is back with a vengeance! The layout is totally wicked thanks to the contribution of Lucky. She has completely redesigned the site and it's looking great (see the before shot to the right). The contents however, is still the one you love. You can get all the info you could before and more. We've added a new wallpaper section so you can decorate your desktop nicely now!
Please let us know what you think of the new look, we love feedback! Any comments or suggestions for the site can be emailed to us. Don't hesitate to have your say! Ooh, and sign the guestbook too! It can be found at the bottom of this page.
Enjoy the re-vamped site!
Brit Brit & Lucky

Older news
I have thought this over and I want to make a few more things clear on my site. I have taken a lot of Sailor Moon pics and stuff from other sites. If you see anything here which belongs to you, and you don't want me to have it on my site, please tell me and I will take it off as soon as possible. Suing me would be a bad idea because I have no money. Also, I have no hard feelings about you taking my pictures. I would be more than welcome to let you have them. On another note, for all you Sailor moon fans out there, I was checking my guest book when I came across an entry. I know a lot of people have not been able to watch the Sailor Moon show. I will eventually post up a page that people who love Sailor Moon as much as I do that can't get a hold of it, can read about the episodes and the manga. I have collected almost the entire manga series, so when I collect them all I will write about all the episodes I can and about the manga. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I love feed-back. If you don't sign my guest book then e-mail me at SScout999@aol.com. Also, if you have a site then please give me the address. I want to give out my precious awards and I will be dishing more out soon. I also have a contest going on, no make that two.
Check out my re-vamped fun stuff page if you are interested.
Thank you for visiting my page,
Brit Brit

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